Roll Out Roll Call 3 - Southampton - March 2012

Highlights include:
  • Special Guests included:
Writer Larry Hama
Writer Simon Furman
Writer Jim Sorenson 
Artist Robert Atkins 
Artist Andrew Wildman
Artist Bill Forster
Colourist John-Paul Bove
Colourist Simon Gough
Cereal:Geek Editor James Eatock 
"What's On Joe Mind?" Co-Host Gary Godsoe
Noted Author James Kavanaugh Jr
  • Hasbro Europe 2013 Transformers Product Showcase
  • Mastermind Creations Product Showcase
  • Marauder Gun Runners Product Showcase
  • Exclusive V.I.P.E.R Armour & Dreadnought
  • Exclusive Red Shadows art print by Robert Atkins & Simon Gough
  • Transformers ReGeneration One Panel with Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman & John-Paul Bove
  • AllSpark Almanac & G.I.Joe Field Manual Panel with Jim Sorenson & Bill Forster
  • IDW Comics G.I.Joe Q&A with Larry Hama, Robert Atkins & Simon Gough
  • "Deconstucting Issue 21" presentation by Larry Hama
  • "Transformers From Script To Panel" by Simon Furman 
  • "History Of Action Force" presentation by Dave Tree
  • "Leave No Man Behind" presentation by Dave Tree 
  • Cosplay Contest
  • Custom Figure Contest 

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